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My First Guinea Pig

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    The couple drove to the show from Central Pennsylvania. Check its skin for flakes, and redness, and check carefully for parasites such as lice. The guinea pig should be alert and active, and plump. Article Summary Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are very intelligent and can be trained to follow simple commands and do tricks.

    They are also susceptible to draught, drying of the skin, and skin infections without careful husbandry. They could easily search out several good hiding places, and you don't want to lose them. Satin versions[ edit ] The satin is a variety with a characteristic satin-like, almost glassy sheen to its coat as its name suggests. Our cages have about inches on each side but the piggies were still able to kick it all over. Guinea pigs look good if you have a herd of four or five. The cavies a word derived from Cavia porcellus, the scientific name for domestic guinea pigs are passive participants, with no tasks beyond allowing judges to pick them up and finger through their fur for imperfections.

    Guinea pigs are very vocal and this vocalization plays an important part in socialization with other pigs and humans. Then my mother rescued one, and she had two more babies. Most shows are amicable affairs, but Whitehurst has heard his share of choice words from exhibitors who feel his scoring was too harsh. This is the most common bedding I should say for guinea pigs. That is why I suggest that vitamin C be added to their diet. Purchase only name brand guinea pig pellets and be sure the sacs are fresh.

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My First Guinea Pig book

In any case, no cage lid is required if the walls are at least 18 inches high. It loses it's freshness very quickly. So lay the newspaper on the bottom of the cage, 2 layers.


Many sources of alfalfa are too rich to be a major component of guinea pig diets. These rodent-like animals no longer exist in the wild. It causes respiratory and eye infections as well as abscesses The next most common disease is streptococcal infections.

They also have more odor. It also depends on the kind of chips they are, if they are pine, cedar, aspen, as discussed above only aspen is acceptable.

As the armory emptied, she got behind the wheel of her minivan, crowded with her family and 19 guinea pig cages, and drove out. They come in Plush Coat and Harsh Coat, the plush coated animals having a softer coat, and the harsh coated with a coarser texture to the hair.

We were looking for a "first pet" and seeing as our apartment wouldn't allow dogs, we got a guinea pig. Like humans, but unlike dogs and cats, guinea pigs need a daily source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Hairless cavies in general need warmer accommodation and more energy-rich food to compensate for the loss of body heat.

It is undoubtedly niche, yet undoubtedly serious to those who dedicate significant time and money toward the preparation of their guinea pigs.

She left others at home. Premium food is necessary for show cavies to maintain strong shapes and healthy, plush coats. Guinea pigs are very shy by nature. And it can make it easier on them when you aren't constantly there to give them the attention and socialization they require.

Aspen Shavings- This is the safest and still cost effective shavings option. Jason Whitehurst, one of the nation's top cavy judges, inspects two contestants during the contest. The American should have a broad shoulder, Roman nose, and full crown, and the coat is to be short and silky. Holding up its own head won't make it feel like it's falling.

Again, amazing little animals and very smart! Pick up guinea pigs with both hands; one round their shoulders and the other supporting their hindquarters.

It gives the guinea pig all the love and attention it needs to be a calm and happy guinea pig that can bond to you, you will become its companion.

Their social nature, temperament and low maintenance make them excellent pets. Participation rises and dips with the economy.

Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets?

The rosettes are worth 25 points by ARBA standard. Guinea pigs are one of the few animals outside of primates that require Vitamin C such biological similarities with humans are what have traditionally made them attractive for scientific testingso Blaes adds Vitamin C crystals to their water supply.

Like all animals that are regularly eaten in the wild, guinea pigs are very uncomfortable with people and other pets hovering over them.

I did like how soft it was, no smells from the pigs, and it didn't get all over like some things do. Guinea pigs have different food preferences, just like people. And that males mature slightly later. That is why I suggest that vitamin C be added to their diet.Oct 08,  · Sharing all of the tools you need to keep your guinea pig cage clean and keep it smelling fresh, tips on fleece bedding, and setting up a guinea pig cage.

Ok, I know, this is probably the most random post ever. BUT I know many of you have kiddos who want guinea pigs, or even. Nov 27,  · has been a year of firsts for me. I finally passed my driving test (sadly not on the first attempt), I travelled to South America for the first time and had my first experience eating guinea pig.

The Guinea Pig Community. 2, likes · 2 talking about this. The page associated with The Guinea Pig Community group. The pro-rescue place for those who really care about (their) guinea hildebrandsguld.comers: K. home / small animal / enclosures / general cage / my first home guinea pig Easy to assemble, easy to clean home for guinea pigs or dwarf rabbits.

Features chew. Aug 19,  · Signs your guinea pig is angry or unhappy with you or other guinea pigs and guinea pig sound examples:) 1) teeth chattering 2) purring 3) showing teeth 4) tossing their head up. Aug 16,  · How to Get Your Guinea Pig to Trust You.

List of guinea pig breeds

Guinea pigs make great pets. They can be lots of fun and are fairly low-maintenance. But as with any animal, you need to put in some effort to cultivate your relationship.

Whether this guinea pig is Views: K.